Rapid Rewards

For every transaction in PASSIVE (buy or sell), 7% of the transaction distributed as follows: 4% RFI distributed to existing holders, 2% LP back to liquidity pool and 1% into marketing wallet. This means you earn more $PASV by holding.

How this all works

What are static rewards? These rewards are distributed to all token holders wallets and will be reflected or dispersed on every transaction so you can watch your wallet balance grow throughout the day.

For example if someone transacted $1000 of $PASV, they would pay 4% of their transaction or $40 to all token holders proportional to the amount of the total supply that each token holder had. So if someone owned 1% of all the $PASV tokens, they would earn $40 * 1% or 40¢ from that transaction. The more volume of transactions in one day, the more you will earn.

Additionally by using a burn pool, we supercharge this feature and will explain more in the token allocation section. By putting the community RFI rewards first, we make sure that we live up to the token name, so that even before we start to reach the milestones on our roadmap, our community is already earning.



We believe this is the most innovative RFI rewards and complete ecosystem ever done in crypto.




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